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Small boat fishermen wait for the sea drool to end

The wait of the small boat fishermen from Tekirdağ, who has stopped fishing due to sea saliva (mucilage) that has been in effect for about 4 months in the Sea of ​​Marmara, continues.

İbrahim Pehlivanoğlu, President of Tekirdağ Süleymanpaşa Fisheries Cooperative, said that sea saliva is effective in the open, although it decreases on the coasts.

Pehlivanoğlu stated that small boat fishermen work in the fishing shelters and said:

“Sea saliva has been effective for the first time in Marmara this year for such a long time. It hasn’t gone away for about 4 months. The saliva that accumulates on the shores, increasing with the effect of the wind from time to time, is now effective in the open and on the seabed. before it ends. I hope the drool ends and our fisherman friends can hunt comfortably.”


Fisherman İrfan Aktaş also stated that sea drool makes small boat fishermen suffer.

Emphasizing that the fishermen are waiting for the slobber to end, Aktaş said, “Even though the slobber on the shores passes, the slobber at the bottom of the sea continues. Fishermen have a great loss. We cannot fish by throwing nets into the sea. We think that the slobber came with the seasonal weather and will go away again with the air. Friends who cannot go to the sea are repairing nets or trying to do angling. . ” said.


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