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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Germany went in search of raw materials in the depths of the ocean

Germany is working to evaluate "sea mining" in the area at a depth of approximately 4,500 meters between Hawaii and Mexico. Organizations such...
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Seabed cleaning was carried out in Mersin

In Mersin's only blue-flagged Mersin Marina, those coming out of the sea made people say, 'Give up on this much'. In the cleaning...

Turkish cargo ship seized by migrants?

General cargo ship UGUR DADAYLI was instructed or ordered by MRCC Malta to rescue distressed migrants east of...

The Hatay Sea Bus Project has come to an end

Mutual sea bus services between Hatay and TRNC have come to an end. It has been reported that in the Hatay Sea Bus...

Coaster sank in Manila after fire, explosions. 2 crew missing. VIDEO

Fire erupted on board of small cargo ship TITAN-8, obviously coaster, at Delpan wharf in Tondo, Manila, Philippines,...