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Tanker with 40,000 tons of crude wanted by Cambodia, arrested in Indonesia | STROVOLOS

Product tanker STROVOLOS was detained by Indonesian Navy off Batam, Riau islands, Singapore Strait, on charges of carrying stolen crude oil originated from Cambodia; and illegal anchoring in Indonesia waters. Navy issued official statement on Aug 25, while tanker was seized on Jul 27, shortly after arrival. According to Indonesian sources, tanker is wanted by Cambodian Government for stealing some 40,000 tons of crude oil, respective notice having been sent to Indonesian Gov on Jul 24. Tanker AIS records history was obviously, tampered with, all records prior to Jul 27 2021 have been deleted. Tanker is manned with 19 crew, including 13 Indian, 3 Myanmar and 3 Bangladeshi nationalities. According to Navy, tanker arrived from Gulf of Siam.

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