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The lien on the Ever Given ship has been lifted

The lien placed on the ship Ever Given, which accidentally blocked the passage in the Suez Canal in March, has been lifted.

The Ismailia Court in Egypt, at the request of the Suez Canal Authority, decided to lift the lien on the ship Ever Given.

According to the news in the Egyptian press, it was noted that an agreement was reached between the Suez Canal Administration and the company that owns the ship, and after the said decision, the ship could go wherever it wanted.

London-based law firm Stan Marine, which represents the ship-owning firm, announced that an agreement had been reached between the two parties after extensive discussions with the Suez Canal’s negotiating committee over the past few weeks.

No official statement has yet been made regarding the content of the agreement.


The giant container ship Ever Given crashed into the shore in the Suez Canal on March 24 as a result of reduced visibility due to sandstorms and bad weather conditions.

As the ship got stuck in the narrow channel and blocked the passageway, long ship queues were formed on both sides of the canal and there were disruptions in crude oil and LNG shipments due to the cessation of sea traffic.

The Suez Canal Administration announced that after 6 days of work, on March 29, the efforts to float the giant cargo ship had been successfully completed and the canal was opened to maritime traffic.

Channel Administration President Osama Rabi stated in a television program he attended on April 1 that 1 billion dollars would be demanded from the owner of the ship that ran aground, but this figure was later reduced to 550 million dollars.


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