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The number of caretta caretta nests in Çıralı goes to the record of 20 years

This year, the number of caretta caretta nests on Çıralı beach exceeded last year. While 100 nests were detected in 2020, this year the number reached 102 even though there is one month left to the end of the spawning season. This development raises expectations to surpass the 152 slots count in 2019, which was the record for the last 20 years.

The number of nests on the Çıralı coast of Kemer district, which is one of the most important breeding areas in Turkey, of the caretta caretta sea turtles, which is among the species in danger of extinction on the red list of the World Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), has reached 102.

Last year, 100 nests were detected in the world-famous Çıralı in Antalya’s Kemer district. The increase in the number of nests in the next 1 month period increased the expectations of exceeding the number of 152 nests in 2019, when the record of 20 years was broken.

Ulupınar Neighborhood Headman and Ulupınar Environmental Protection Cooperative President Habib Altınkaya said, “This year, we have reached 102 nests in the 2021 season. Our total number of nests was 152 in 2019. This year we exceeded the number of nests last year. Hopefully, we exceeded the total number of nests in 2019 and we hope that we will continue to do so in 20 years. “This year may be a record. We are having a very good season. This year, mother turtles are laying eggs quickly. We will spend a good season with friends,” he said.


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