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The reason for the explosion at the shipyard in Aliağa became clear

Details emerged after the explosion in which one of the workers Yılmaz Demir died and Oğuz Taşkın was injured during the ship dismantling in Aliağa. It has been learned that Taşkın desperately climbed onto the deck and said, “Yılmaz brother is downstairs.” It was learned that the explosion was caused by the gas coming out of the evacuation pumps, according to the first determinations.

The incident occurred at METAŞ Ship Breaking in the shipbreaking zone in Atatürk Mahallesi in İzmir’s Aliağa district. During the dismantling of the passenger ship in the shipyard, a fire broke out with an explosion.

Yılmaz Demir (55) and Oğuz Taşkın, who were among the workers working during the incident, were caught in the flames. After other workers reported the situation, health, police, fire and AKUT teams were sent to the scene.

As a result of the work carried out by the teams, it was determined that Yılmaz Demir, one of the workers, died and Taşkın was seriously injured. Oğuz Taşkın was first transferred to Aliağa State Hospital and then to the Health Sciences University (SBU) Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital Burn Unit by ambulance.

It was learned that Taşkın, who was taken into treatment, was in danger of life. Demir’s body was taken to the morgue of Izmir Forensic Medicine Institute for autopsy.


New details about the incident have also emerged. It was stated that two workers entered the helm room to operate the evacuation pumps used to discharge the water that filled the stern to land the ship, while a reaction developed due to the gas coming out of the pump and an explosion occurred.

While Yılmaz Demir was burning with the effect of the explosion, it was revealed that Taşkın, who was seriously injured, threw himself onto the deck with his life. It was also learned that Taşkın shouted “Yılmaz brother downstairs” after getting on the deck.


Yılmaz Demir’s corpse was received by his family from the morgue of İzmir Forensic Medicine Institute. It was learned that Demir, who is married and has three children, was buried after the funeral prayer in the Merkez Mosque in Aliağa.


While the investigation into the incident was initiated, the authorized company made a written statement regarding the incident. In the statement made by the company, it was said:

“The sad event that took place in the shipbreaking facilities of our company has deeply saddened us all. As a result of the explosion that took place for an unknown reason on the ship, which was in our facility to be dismantled, one worker lost his life, and one worker was injured and was treated in the burn unit at İzmir Bozyaka Training and Research Hospital. While the technical and forensic investigation of the incident continues, our company works in full cooperation with the competent authorities. I wish God’s mercy on our brother who lost his life in the incident, patience and fortitude to his family and loved ones, and a speedy recovery for our injured worker; We declare that we are with the families of our worker brothers and sisters who lost their lives and were injured in this tragic accident that hurt us deeply at every stage. After the necessary investigations regarding the accident are completed, a detailed explanation will be shared with the public.”


Shipbuilding and Maritime Transport, Warehouse, Warehouse and Warehouse Workers Union Regional Representative Halis Güzeler (56) claimed that there were negligence in the incident. Guzeller said:

* This is a business murder. I believe that shipbreaking employers do not show the necessary sensitivity. I think the measures are missing. A very similar accident occurred 6 years ago in Aliağa.

* 2 workers were assigned dangerously to land the ship using a very primitive method. At that moment, however, there is an explosion. While Yılmaz Demir became unrecognizable, Oğuz Taşkın was seriously injured.

* These accidents are not unavoidable accidents. There is an omission in this case. Necessary measures must now be taken and the criminals in this case must be held accountable before the judiciary.


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