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The ship abandoned by the crew has drifted away!

On the night of 21 May, the crew of the 1989 general cargo ship named CHONG BONG reported that the ship had evacuated on the grounds that it was heavily flooded and requested assistance.

At the time of the incident, all 21 crew members on the ship, which was sailing 27 nautical miles off the island of Okinoshima, got on the life raft and left the ship. It was understood that the sailors, who left the ship with a life-saving raft, were rescued by the tanker named YUJONG 2.

It was stated that as of 22 May, the tanker named YUJONG 2, which saved the crew, was drifting away from the general cargo ship named CHONG BONG, while the AIS of the flooded ship could not be tracked since its last position. Although the ship is thought to have sunk, efforts to detect the ship continue.

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