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The ship named Rawan, which ran aground in Famagusta, was towed to the shipyard.

The Tanzanian-flagged ship Rawan, which ran aground in the Gülseren Region of Famagusta, was rescued and towed to the shipyard with the intense efforts of the TRNC Ports Department. The ship named Rawan, which was sold by auction to a businessman in Turkey, will be dismantled and scrapped at the shipyard.

The Tanzanian-flagged Rawan, which ran aground in the Gülseren Region of TRNC Famagusta, was rescued with the intense effort of the TRNC Ports Department and floated to the shipyard in Famagusta Port.

The Tanzanian-flagged Rawan, built in 1995, which was sold to a businessman in Turkey by auction, will be dismantled at the shipyard, turned into scrap and sent to Turkey. The ship, which private companies tried and failed to save, was rescued from its seat with the logistic support provided by the TRNC Ports Department, as well as Famagusta Shipyard and Deep Dive Diving School.

The TRNC Ports Department will hold a meeting and draw up a roadmap for the rescue of the ship Chrisdul, which drifted due to the storm in December 2016 and sat on the rocks in the Southwest of Oxxo Island in the Laguna Region. The ship, which is aimed to be rescued after the holiday, will be exported to its buyer in Turkey with the same method 15 days after the start of the works.


The Minister of Public Works and Transport, Okuliye Canaltay, said that as soon as he took office, they started working to save the ship, which caused visual pollution in Famagusta, without a possible environmental disaster.

Canaltay stated that by publishing a newspaper advertisement through the Directorate of Ports Department, they sold the ship via public auction on April 22, 2021, so that salvage efforts could begin.

Officially Canaltay explained that the Tanzanian-flagged ship named RAWAN, built in 1995, was impounded despite the order and verdict given on 24.02.2020 as a result of the lawsuit filed under the jurisdiction of the Law of the Sea, but it was not sold through public auction, so the ship was kept stranded.

In addition to this, Canaltay stated that there are efforts to remove the CHRISDUL ship, which ran aground in the Laguna region on 22.12.2016, due to the possibility of causing environmental pollution, that they sold the ship by auction and that the ship in question will be salvaged and towed to the shipyard in a short time.


Hasan Curcioğlu, Director of the Ports Department and Acting Free Port Manager, said that the works initiated under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport were concluded successfully.

Curcioğlu said that the 1995 Tanzanian-flagged Rawan, which was sold to a businessman in Turkey by auction, was rescued from its seat after a year and a half as a result of the devoted work of the personnel.

“We broke the laws of physics, we saved the ship,” said Curcioğlu, adding that Chrisdul in Laguna would be rescued by the same method.

Curcioglu said:

“We broke the laws of physics. We rescued the ship from its seat and brought it to the shipyard by floating it. Efforts by the coast guard were unsuccessful. We saved the ship with the logistic support of Famagusta Shipyard and Deep Dive School. We’ve been trying for 10 days. We worked hard, I am very happy. Thank you to my staff. We identified the ship’s injuries under the sea first. Then we covered these wounds, namely the holes, with a special paste that we had brought from Turkey. Then we emptied 800 tons of clean water in it. We rested the ship for 38 hours, and we found that it took 400 tons of water again. This time, we pumped water into the ship. We also closed the holes that were not visible at first, and drained the water again. Then, we flooded the bow of the ship with water from the sea and lifted it. As soon as the sea water rose, we started the operation and removed the ship from its seat.”


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