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The ship named Rawan will be sent from TRNC to Turkey

A year and a half later, the Tanzanian-flagged tanker, which ran aground in the Gülseren Region of Famagusta, was sold to a businessman in Turkey by auction under the leadership of the TRNC Ministry of Public Works and Transport.

The Tanzanian flagged tanker named Rawan, built in 1995, started to be floated to be taken to the shipyard to be salvaged, dismantled, scrapped and exported to Turkey, thanks to the experienced staff and equipment of a shipyard operating in Famagusta Port.

It was stated that the ship, which was sold through public auction in April, made a great financial contribution to Famagusta Port, which is the biggest transportation gateway of the TRNC.

On the other hand, it was learned that the ship named Chrisdul, which was drifted due to the storm in December 2016 and rested on the rocks in the Southwest of Oxxo Island in the Laguna Region, was also sold.

It has been reported that Chrisdul will be exported to its buyer in Turkey with the same method in a short time. To be cut into pieces The tanker purchased by a businessman in Turkey will be towed to the shipyard located in Famagusta Port, founded by Ramazan Gündoğdu, and then dismantled and converted to scrap, and sent to Turkey.

The founder of the shipyard, Ramazan Gündoğdu, explained that the tanker has started to be towed to the shipyard with its experienced staff and equipment and that the tanker will be delivered to the shipyard in a short time.

Expressing that the works are carried out with a 55-ton sea crane and a 1500 HP tugboat, Gündoğdu said that the tanker ship will be exported to Turkey in the form of scrap after it is cut and shredded here.

Gündoğdu stated that the water in the tanker was drained and closed so that it would not get water again, and that it was floated to the open sea, adding that such works contributed greatly to the port.

Noting that they carry out their works without harming the environment, Gündoğdu explained that the ship in Laguna can also be salvaged and towed to the shipyard with the same method.


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