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The water from the mountain is evaporated and turned into table salt.

Salt obtained by evaporation of the water coming out of the mountain in Iğdır, one of the important salt centers of Turkey, adds flavor to the tables.

Most of the salt used in the field of snow fighting and animal husbandry while flavoring the tables in the Eastern Anatolia Region is met from the salt mines in the Tuzluca district of Iğdır.

Salt is extracted from the salt mountains around the district with the carving technique. In addition, the water flowing between the salt rocks in a mountain is also used for salt making.

A business established at the foot of the Salt Mountain collects some of the water in 130 pools it has set up in front of these salty waters coming from the mountain. In the city, where the air temperature reaches 40 degrees, when the salty water accumulated in the pools evaporates, what remains is a pure white flavor known as pool or lake salt among the people, which can be used on the table.

After waiting for a day or two, the salts, which are completely purified from water and moisture, are filled in bags and sent to different parts of the country and sold. İbrahim Atmaca, one of the operators of the production facility in Tuzluca district, said that the salt obtained was of very high quality and that the users were very satisfied.

Stating that the salt produced is generally consumed in cheese making, animal husbandry and on the table, Atmaca said, “There are fresh water leaks in the salt rocks on the mountain, these fresh waters turn into salty water as they pass through the salt rocks. To determine the salt content of this water, measurements are made. It is transferred to the pools. When the water evaporates, the salt remains in the pools. We collect this salt a day later.” said.


Pointing out that the salt accumulated in the pools is ready for sale after drying in the sun, Atmaca said, “We dry the salts collected from the pools in the sun for 1 or 2 days, depending on the weather conditions, and fill them in bags for sale. Our salt does not contain any additives.” he said.

Emphasizing that the obtained salt is offered to users without even going through the mill, Atmaca concluded his words as follows:

“The salt we use at the table normally passes through the mill, then it is packaged and then goes to the table. If the yield of the salt is good, we do not need the mill, but sometimes the particles are large, then it goes to the mill, and it is reduced a little more. Currently, we have 130 pools. We think we will get around 2,000 tons of salt.”


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