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There is high demand for Muğla’s seafood products from Europe and the USA.

It is expected that fisheries exports in Muğla will reach 90 thousand tons this year and an income of more than 500 million dollars will be obtained. The aquatic products grown are exported to Europe and the USA, contributing to the country’s economy.

In Muğla, where more than half of Turkey’s marine aquaculture production is carried out, the amount of production increases every year and the export volume expands.

This year, the export of fisheries in Muğla is expected to reach 90 thousand tons and an income of more than 500 million dollars is expected. Products such as trout, sea bream, sea bass, sea bream, sea bass, and yellowmouth, which are mainly grown in cooperatives and private facilities in the region, are processed and packaged, and then exported mostly to European and Asian countries, contributing to the country’s economy.

Barış Saylak, the Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, who examined the facilities of the Dalyan Fisheries Cooperative in Köyceği, said that last year, 430 million dollars were obtained from the export of fisheries in Muğla.

Saylak stated that it is pleasing to see that the foreign exchange obtained from fishery products increases every year, “The product we exported in 9 months of the year reached 70 thousand tons and we approached the export figure of last year. The revenue reached 405 million dollars. Something extraordinary in the next 3 months. Otherwise, our exports will exceed 500 million dollars. We think that we will achieve 85-90 thousand tons of exported products,” he said.

Saylak stated that the fish grown in the region are highly preferred due to their quality and emphasized that the trout raised in the region are also sent abroad in the form of fillets.

Explaining that they are making special efforts to increase the amount of processed, high value-added products, Saylak said, “Despite all the negativities brought by global warming and drought, Turkey’s aquaculture production, export, breeding and hunting are open. “We have to keep our lakes and seas clean,” he said.


Arif Yalılı, the President of Dalyan Fisheries Cooperative, stated that there has been a significant increase in fishery products since 2017, and that they produce an average of 350 thousand kilograms and 700 thousand kilograms annually, “We send the fish we grow to Arab countries via Mersin and Antakya. There is serious demand from Italy and the USA,” he said.


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