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Tourists show great interest in the sunken plane in Kuşadası Bay

The giant Airbus A300 cargo plane, sunk in Kuşadası Bay in 2013 with the contribution of Aydın Metropolitan Municipality and Underwater Sports Federation, continues to attract great attention from tourists.

With the lifting of the coronavirus restrictions, the new address for diving enthusiasts was the Airbus A300 cargo plane.

Kusadasi Bay, which has interesting views with its underwater rock structures, reefs, caves and the reef of the Airbus A 300 type passenger plane that was sunk in 2016, continues to attract the attention of local and foreign tourists who are diving enthusiasts with its different types of sea creatures.

Diving instructor Mithat Vargün, who guides tourists who want to dive in the area where the giant plane is located, stated that underwater tourism has reached an important point in Kuşadası with the end of the pandemic, and said, “We are facing a great interest for diving. The intensity that has arisen with the lifting of the bans is pleasing.”

Tağmaç Saraçoğlu, who has been a professional diving instructor in the city for more than 25 years, said, “We have been closed for about 8 months due to the pandemic, and we continue to serve as best we can to introduce the underwater beauties of Kuşadası to our local and foreign guests. Pamucak reef is one of the most popular diving spots in this region, we have a hot water spot there. There are small pieces of old amphora, we can see grouper fish. It was a nice exciting dive after a long time. We encountered an Octopus and watched it, from time to time we go to different diving spots. We go to different diving spots every day. We are planning dives to the Airbus A300 wreck, one of the most popular diving spots in the world, which was sponsored and supported by the Mayor of Aydın Metropolitan Municipality, Özlem Çerçioğlu, about 6 years ago. We go diving there every other day, we dive into caves, we go to our diving points with certified divers. Certified divers come here to dive. We plan dives with a depth of approximately 18 meters at the diving points, with a diving time of approximately 45 minutes, and dive around the aircraft in it. Each of our guests is satisfied because an artificial reef has formed around the plane, we can see Sarpa fish, flocks of Karagöz, insects with small antennae, we get into the plane, when we get inside the plane, there is a different atmosphere, we can see the colors of the lights,” he said.

Dutch tourist Jan Linskens, who said that he has been coming to Kusadasi for 17 years to dive, said, “Kusadasi is a very beautiful place, I have been coming here for 17 years, I work for 11 months and take a vacation for 1 month, I dive at every opportunity. “I dived on the Airbus A 300 6 times,” he said.


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