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‘Turkish salmon’ harvest completed in Samsun

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The harvest of Turkish salmon grown in floating net cages in the sea in Yakakent district of Samsun has come to an end.

The harvest of the big trout, called Turkish salmon by the citizens, was completed after being raised to a weight of 500-600 grams in the Derbent Dam in Bafra district, then taken to the sea in November-December, and grown here for 5-6 months and reached a weight of 3.5-4 kilograms.

Yakakent District Governor Fatih Eroğlu, Samsun Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Director İbrahim Sağlam, Yakakent District Agriculture and Forestry Manager Osman Akman, Fisheries and Aquaculture Branch Manager İcabi Çağan, technical staff and breeders participated in the Turkish salmon harvest at a facility owned by a private company in Yakakent.

12 thousand 569 tons of production

Provincial Director İbrahim Sağlam, in his speech here, said, “There are 36 facilities in Samsun that are engaged in aquaculture and obtained aquaculture certificates. An important part of aquaculture production in our province consists of our facilities that produce in the Black Sea, off the Derbent Dam Lake and Yakakent. The aquaculture project capacity of our province is 16,990 tons per year, and it can produce 11,233 tons/year trout and 5,688 tons/year sea bass. There are 14 aquaculture facilities in Derbent Dam Lake and 11 aquaculture facilities in the Black Sea in Yakakent district. In 2020, 8 thousand 261 thousand tons of trout were produced in net cages in these two water reserves. In 2020, 5 thousand 911 tons of big trout (1.25 kg and above) were produced. In 2020, our total aquaculture actual production was 12 thousand 569 tons. (Sea bass + trout)” he said.

Stating that some of the trout raised in Derbent Dam Lake are consumed in the domestic market, the majority of them are transported alive to aquaculture facilities in Yakakent district when they reach an average weight of 500-600 grams, and they are raised in the sea until they reach a weight of 3.5-4 kg. Trouts grown at 1.25 kg or more are called Black Sea salmon and Turkish salmon and are generally exported. Due to its structure (temperature and other chemical content), the Black Sea is very suitable for the cultivation of this trout species, and the fish taken into the sea in suitable periods (from October-November to the end of May) can grow very quickly and are preferred for their taste. For this reason, demand for Black Sea salmon has increased in recent years, especially from Japan and Russia. In recent years, upon requests from Japan, our facilities have decided to increase their large trout production by revising their planning according to these new demands. Large trout production is expected to be around 7 thousand tons in 2021. Approximately 150 people are employed in the aquaculture facilities of our province, and this figure reaches around 300 people together with the aquaculture processing and evaluation facilities. In order to ensure that the meat color quality of large trout can be matched to the Japanese market, the fish are fed with feed containing color pigments in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex and offered for export.


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