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Two more of the crew who left the ship in the typhoon were found dead: 7 missing!

It was announced that all 20 crew members of the 100-meter-long Cebu Great Ocean, an amphibious ship loaded with nickel ore and loaded with nickel ore, left the ship on a life raft and disappeared due to the Surigae typhoon that hit the Philippines. While it was announced that 7 people were rescued after the incident, the bodies of four sailors were found by the local people along the coastline in the same region.

The bodies of two more missing crew members have been found!

Philippine Coast Guard crews announced that they have found the bodies of two more missing crew members who were adrift from the Cebu Great Ocean amphibious ship, which was stranded in the typhoon. Together with the sailors found, the death toll rose to 6.

The crew left, the ship did not sink!

It was stated that all of the 20 crew of the ship left the ship after the ship lost its anchor and started to take on water, however, the ship named Cebu Great Ocean did not sink. The ship sailed about 40 miles from the anchorage and ran aground near Barangay Cantapoy.

PCG (Philippines Coast Guard) continues to search for the seven crew members who disappeared with the help of a private plane sent by the ship’s owner.

According to PCG, the amphibious ship was carrying nickel ore and about 2,000 liters of diesel fuel at the time it ran aground. No contamination was reported in the incident.

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