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Ukraine wants to deliver Central Asian gas to Europe

Ukraine announced that it will make an official request to transport Central Asian gas to Europe through Gazprom’s pipelines, and if it is not accepted, it will initiate legal action against Gazprom.

Ukraine is preparing to file a lawsuit against Russian gas giant Gazprom, which prevents it from buying natural gas from Central Asia.

According to the Financial Times, Gazprom controls the flow of natural gas from Central Asian countries to Ukraine through its pipelines.

Yuri Vitrunko, CEO of Naftogaz Ukraine, said in a statement that Kiev is looking for ways to remove the supply barrier to reduce losses from Nord Stream 2.

Stating that Naftogaz has prepared an official request for the permission to transport Central Asian natural gas through the Gazprom pipeline, Vitrunko said that if this request is not accepted, they are ready to apply to the competition authorities of the European Union against Gazprom’s 15-year hindrance, and to international arbitration against Gazprom. He said they were going.

Vitrunko said, “This will change the rules of the game, because we all know that there is great potential to transport Central Asian gas to Europe via Ukraine. We are talking about tens of billions of cubic meters… Central Asian gas alone can meet the entire Ukrainian gas transport system.”


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