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Work started to reduce Israeli carp population

A study has been started to reduce the population of Israeli carp, which harm fishermen in Samsun. Within the scope of the project, special nets will be distributed to fishermen for Israeli carp fishing, and this fish will be hunted intensively and the population of local fish species to be released into lakes and dams will increase.

A project was developed in Samsun in order to prevent the Israeli carp (Carassius Gibelio) seen in inland waters in Turkey and known as an invasive species from harming the fishermen.

The increase in the population of Israeli carp in the fish lakes in the Kızılırmak Delta located within the borders of Samsun’s 19 May, Bafra and Alaçam districts and in many dam lakes in Turkey left fishermen in a difficult situation.

In order to reduce the population of Israeli carp and save fishermen from this problem, the “Project for Combating Israeli Carp and Strengthening Cooperatives”, prepared by Samsun Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry within the scope of diversifying rural income sources, was found suitable for support by the Eastern Black Sea Project Regional Development Administration (DOKAP).

İbrahim Sağlam, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry, said that approximately 200 tons of fish are caught annually in inland waters in Samsun.

Stating that invasive species such as Israeli carp threaten other economic species recently, Sağlam stated that they have prepared a project to eliminate this threat, bring Israeli carp into the economy and strengthen the infrastructure of fishing cooperatives.

Stating that this species was destroyed after it was caught, Sağlam said, “We will meet the infrastructure needs of the cooperatives such as cold storage. We will carry out the project with nets that will catch Israeli carp in particular, and we will catch Israeli carp in the waters in the inner region and send it to fish oil and fish meal factories. we will do.” said.

Stating that they will release local fish to the lakes and dams where Israeli carp are caught, Sağlam said, “In other words, we will raise scaly carp and mirror carp and release them into those lakes. We will support the increase in the population of local species. The project will take 3 or 4 years.” he said.


Yaşar Ergün, Member of the Board of Directors of May 19 Yörükler Limited Responsible Fisheries Cooperative, pointed out that the Israeli carp, which lives as an invasive species in inland waters, threatens the existence of many natural fish species such as freshwater bass, rudd, crane and mullet.

Stating that Israeli carp have started to damage the fish lakes in the Kızılırmak Delta since 1996, Ergün said that the fishermen in the region catch a large number of Israeli carp from the fish lakes every day.

Noting that the natural fish species in the fish lakes in the Kızılırmak Delta are decreasing day by day, Ergün said, “The economic damage to the Israeli carp has come to an extreme. Some of our fish species in our inland waters are in danger of extinction. This invasive fish is released into lakes and ponds uncontrollably or indirectly. “This fish is a huge threat to the ecological development of the lakes and to the continuation of species diversity.” said.

Stating that 1000 families in the region make a living from fishing, Ergün said:

“Israeli carp have the ability to reproduce 4-5 times a year, producing millions of offspring. These fish not only consume the food areas of other species, but also consume the eggs of local fish species, which are economical species, affecting their reproduction. People do not eat Israeli carp. Native carp, white fish in the lakes region. “Israeli carp started to become the dominant species here. While catching about 1000 tons of fish per year in the lakes of the Kızılırmak delta, this figure does not exceed 100-200 tons per year due to Israeli carp today.”

Ergün stated that they were satisfied with the project to be implemented within the scope of combating Israeli carp and that this excited the fishermen.


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