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Yalıkavak Marina wins the ‘5 Gold Anchors Platinum’ award

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Yalıkavak Marina became the first and only marina in Turkey to be awarded the “5 Gold Anchor Platinum” by The British Yacht Harbor Association.

Yalıkavak Marina was awarded the “5 Gold Anchors Platinum” by The British Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA), one of the most prestigious institutions in the world yachting industry.

With this accreditation, Yalıkavak Marina became the first and only marina in Turkey to receive the “5 Gold Anchor Platinum”, “2020 Best International Marina” and “2018/2019 World’s Best Superyacht Marina” awards.

Yalıkavak Marina has become one of the top 10 marinas in the world thanks to the extraordinary services it offers in the world maritime industry and its superior facilities and the “5 Gold Anchors Platinum” status it deserves.

Compared to other marinas in the Mediterranean with the “5 Gold Anchor Platinum” status, Yalıkavak Marina stands out with its natural sheltered harbor and unique location, where it can host super yachts up to 140 meters long.

Yalıkavak Marina, located in the center of the Aegean Sea and the most popular tourism destination, is the most important tourist destination in the Mediterranean with its international award-winning design, eye-catching shopping mall hosting ultra-premium brands, beach and boutique hotels, and annual traffic of more than 2 million visitors from 120 different countries. It is a sea tourism center. With all these unique features, Yalıkavak Marina makes a difference by bringing the “5 Gold Anchors Platinum” status standards to a point that is hard to reach.

Yalıkavak Marina Director Deniz Akaltan, who stated that they are very happy to make our country proud again as the first and only marina that brought the “5 Gold Anchor Platinum” status to Turkey, said, “As the marina of firsts, we won the Best Super Yacht of the Year in the voting covering the years 2018-2019. In addition to the Marina award and the Best International Marina awards we won last year, the 5 Gold Anchor Platinum rating is also a first for our country.As the first and only mega yacht marina to be awarded such a prestigious international status in the professional maritime sector in Turkey, we have contributed to this great success. We would like to express our gratitude to all our team, partners, friends and esteemed guests.Yalıkavak Marina, with its 5 Gold Anchor Platinum status, has become part of an elite group that includes very few marinas with this status in the world.There are 374 marinas in the world with Golden Anchor awards at various levels However, in the world this Among the gold anchor awarded marinas, there were only 9 platinum awarded marinas. Three of the marinas awarded the Platinum Anchor rating were located in Europe, in the Mediterranean. As Yalıkavak Marina, we are in the indescribable honor and happiness of being the 10th marina in the world and the 4th in the Mediterranean region with 5 Gold Anchor Platinum degrees.”

Stating that The British Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA) evaluates all marinas in the world with the international marina rating system, Akaltan said, “In order to obtain a platinum-level rating, marinas must review the standards of design, operation, service, procedure, communication, goal integration and customer service inquiry. Marinas with outstanding facilities that pass this rigorous audit are awarded platinum. Platinum accreditation is a premium status designed to identify the few marinas in the world that appeal to a very selective guest base. Earning platinum status means that a marina has a direct A platinum-status marina should also aim to maintain a high level of performance and continuously improve it. Maintaining the quality continuity of a leading global marina is an important responsibility. brings with it. At Yalıkavak Marina, we are committed to continuing to work tirelessly to maximize service quality in all marina operations and to create a safe, professional and relaxing lifestyle ecosystem, including yachting, shopping, dining and entertainment. We aim to increase the position of Bodrum and Turkey in the world luxury tourism arena, while becoming a regional epicenter in travel and entertainment.”

Yalıkavak Marina offers a dynamic lifestyle and unique privileges to both yacht owners and visitors with its structure that can accommodate 620 yachts at the same time. In addition to its luxury shopping mall that hosts the world’s leading brands, Yalıkavak Marina offers a unique and personalized marina experience by blending the passion of the sea with the luxury resort concept with its gourmet restaurants offering examples of Turkish and international cuisine, award-winning boutique hotels and a Blue Flag pristine beach in European Union (EU) norms. offers.



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